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Monday, 13 February 2012


Smash coming 19 march on Diva universal..
and tyme tue..mybe lg 2 or 3 hari result spm akn kluar..or mybe earlier thn that..

Meet a girl..who dare to dream BIG...

Let me be your Star....

lagi...Pan am..just started last saturday,11 FEB...9.50p.m
chanel AXN beyond 720..best jgk.. :) xde keje la ktekn...

are u wearing your girdle...?

and..merlin...chanel diva ade..tv3 pun ade..i think everyone knows when..
my favorite.. :D

pretty evil huh... 


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Weird and cute..

Cher Lloyd..

First time i saw her in Swagger Jagger... 

She's Adorable...:)

And Weird..

She's like a cute star blink2...!!

Adorable Loveable Cher...:D

With your Love..

Dare to cut her hair like this..suite to her..!!! :)

Weird and cute...SWAGGER JAGGER...

Lagu Ter..OVER YG aku pnah dgr..
klu dgr nie..jgn gelak  kuat cgt..nty owg dgr...

war..no peace...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Special Things.

ohh..i lost this bear...

A and R..

Someone special had draw this..:)

Expired Date..
Birthday bear!!